Telephone Scam - Regal Financial Group

Please be aware of a current telephone scam occurring in which callers state they are from Regal Financial Group and have capital to provide to individuals. These scam callers are looking to obtain bank information from their potential victims. The callers are not associated with Regal Financial Group in any way; Regal Financial Group does not lend or give away money nor do Regal Financial Group affiliates make unsolicited outgoing calls. Please note, there has been no data breach; the scammers are calling the general public. For further information please contact our office at 800-357-4757.

This is not an exhaustive list of scams; new ones are being devised by criminals all the time. Scams and other security risks are rampant on the Internet, and we recommend you take steps to protect yourself and the security of your information. The nature and volume of these scams and frauds makes it impossible for our Firm to prevent the misuse of our name and the names of our affiliates. Investors are encouraged to seek additional information on potential scams from relevant regulators and enforcement agencies, such as the SEC, FTC, FINRA and the FBI. Regal Financial Group and its affiliates, representatives nor employees cannot accept any responsibility for any conduct, criminal or otherwise, of any third party wrongly claiming to use the Firm's name.